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Chris Drapes Private Surfing Lessons
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Chris Drapes Private Surfing Lessons

Private Casual Lesson

 "Pay and Book as you Go"

Open for all Surfers of Level Two, Three and Four or equivalent or with some previous surfing time experience with their own surfboard and surfing equipment. Equipment can be provided/rented if requested. Great to fine tune and get some positive constructive feedback. Fix those frustrating actions, feelings or repetitive mistakes and free up your surfing with the knowledge and understanding so you can have more fun surfing. Gain more understanding of ocean, surf awareness and start getting those waves you want at the spots you want to surf. Get some direction to move to the next level you want to achieve or a surfing goal you want. Really good as a refresher if you've been out of the water for a while and need some direction to get surf fit, about equipment or surf locations and start getting every wave you want.                                         
One on One privates for the individual surfer focus's according to their ability and level while working with them to attain their goals and give them the specific skills to get there.

The Surf Sessions / lessons are provided purposely for one surfer as a private or two surfers by request as a semi private.  This provides personal individual instruction of skills and feedback for the best results, safety and fun. It encourages and builds confidence for each individual surfer to improve progress and enjoy their surfing experience.

Bookings can be within 12 hours of a requested surf lesson. "Book and  Pay as you GO".  You can book a follow up lesson as you go after each individual session.  You pay for each lesson as you go. The days and times are subject to Chris’s booking availability and surf conditions. 

Provided for Casual Private Sessions/Lessons : 

  • 1 x  - 2 Hour Surf Lesson.
  • It's best for Surfers  to use their own equipment.
  • No Equipment, No rash shirts,No transport, we meet at beach.
  • Equipment and rash shirt can be rented by request. No transport, we meet at beach.
  • Get a new board from our recommended handcrafted surfboard shaper.
  • Surf Safety & Ocean Awareness.
  • Instruction/Coaching from Chris Drapes.
  • Intermediates and Advanced.
  • Adults Classes 16+
  • "Pay as you Go" "Book as you Go"

Private Casual  Lesson

Others Surf Lesson